The 1st “OLYMPIC YACHT SHOW” is here

The 1st “OLYMPIC YACHT SHOW” is here

ONDECK EVENTS in collaboration with Olympic Marine SA are pleased to announce the launch of OLYMPIC YACHT SHOW, a premium yacht event.


The event will be held from 01 – 04 October 2020 at the renovated Olympic Marine facilities and is bound to become the focus of special attention both domestically and internationally. The objective is to create a productive communication platform for the medium and large yacht categories.


More specifically, the Olympic Yacht Show calls attention to New Yachts for Sale which measure over 14 meters in length. It is the only event in Greece with a clear orientation towards medium and mega yachts and the businesses active in this category. The industry’s leading companies will make their presence felt both on land and at sea in elegant and well designed exhibition grounds. Equally, a special area has been designed to host the Luxury Ribs and Premium Day Cruisers, offering visitors the opportunity to do tests at sea.


With Gerasimos Gerolimatos at the helm, ONDECK EVENTS has extensive experience in the field of Megayachts and international events. In partnership with leading companies in the industry and the people of Olympic Marine SA, the 1st Olympic Yacht Show aims to become a think tank for business professionals and owners and, of course, a link to the international arena.


“The Olympic Yacht Show is a floating yacht show for the premium yacht category as well as businesses active in this multilevel niche. It is the most popular yacht category with a wide scope and a dynamic course both in our country and internationally.”


The exhibitors, the programme and the details of the event will be announced soon.

The international character of the yacht show is clear. International communications and promotion has been undertaken by the internationally acclaimed Switzerland-based “SAND PEOPLE COMMUNICATION” Public Relations Office which has many years of experience in the Marine & Luxury industry.


In Greece, it is the only event focusing on the medium and large yacht category as well as the mega yachts and the relevant businesses active in the sector.