Simoni Fontana the Queen of Greek Street Art

Simoni Fontana the Queen of Greek Street Art

Crowned the Queen of Greek Street Art, Simoni Fontana, is one of the most popular artists of the genre, enjoying respect from both audience and fellow artists.

Her style is characterized by an almost childlike innocence and is equally effective on tiny canvases as it is on giant murals. Her references draw from Japanese iconography and manga, filtered through a sensitive western outlook and her personal aesthetics, dictated by pop surrealism.0-simoni-fontana-eikonografisi-artist
Fragile and dreamy, the trademark female characters contain traits of the artist, both morphologically and emotionally, thus abstractly hinting to self-portraiture.  Opting for absence of extra adornment and simplified characteristics, Simoni uses the bare minimums to tell a story. Despite their aloof naivety, the works have a positively adult undercurrent, touching upon feelings and issues belonging to the grown up world. There is a mystifying element about them, embodying the sum of human interaction, emotions and dreams, and eventually the end of innocence.

Working both solo and as a duo with her alter ego SER, Simoni is extremely sought after, whether for her murals or her canvases and print editions, for which there is an on-going waiting list. She is also a very agreeable person and everyone likes her.



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