The initiative for the establishment of the Community dates back to 1952.

The initiative for the establishment of the Community dates back to 1952 and to the Consul of Greece then, in the Principality of Monaco, Mr. Nicholaou. The first President of the Community was Mrs. Giannaka and later, Mr. Papadopoulos, Mrs. Pagona and Mr. TzaraAyRossi.

Ancient Greeks, people inseparably interwoven with seafaring, were well aware of the Côte d’Azur in the Mediterranean. In 600 BC, they founded Marseilles and began trading with their new neighbors, particularly in Liguria and from the Antibes until Nice of France. According to historians, Monaco owes its name to the Greek word: “μόνοικος” (monoikos) (single + house), which refers to the inhabitants of this very nearby Ligurian region, as those who lived on their own, apart from the others.

The myth says that Hercules himself, arrived in Monaco, denying the old Gods. As a consequence, a temple was constructed here, in his honor. The temple of Hercules Monoikos. Since this has been the only temple in the area, the place was named Monoikos or Monaco. Even today, the main port of the Principality is called “Harbor of Hercules”.

The Principality of Monaco, a state very friendly towards all the peoples of the world, welcomed the Greeks with much sympathy and love. Having deep roots into the past, the Hellenic Community of Monaco was established in 1952, at a time when the first families of Greeks were settled here. They were mainly ship-owners, merchants or industrialists.

The main objective of the Hellenic Community of Monaco, is to unite and offer assistance and information to all Greeks living in the Principality and its surroundings. Respectively, the Community is addressed to all philhellenes, who love and respect Greek History, Arts and Letters. Appreciating its very good climate –characteristic of the Mediterranean– and the beauty of its landscapes, Greeks found in Monaco a second homeland.