Murder in Art and as a Form of Art_ Feb 5th

Murder in Art and as a Form of Art_ Feb 5th

 Christos Markogiannakis studied law and criminology in Athens and Paris and brings together his two passions: art and crime.

Author of crime novels, he also wrote two successful works (The Louvre Murder Club and The Orsay Murder Club, Ed. Le Passage) offering a different reading of the works of art exhibited in two major French museums. (The next museum to be treated in this criminartistic way will be an American museum).

With his conferences, inspired by his books, he carries out an investigation in works of art representing crime scenes.

Using the clues communicated by Christos, the reader or the spectator, like a member of a forensic team, seeks the answers to questions of a real police investigation: what is the historical or mythological episode represented? Who is the victim ? Who is the killer ? What are the motives for the murder?

The answers to all these questions will bring light to these dark affairs…

The conference on Wednesday, February 5th is in French.

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