MAMAKITA: The platform for families travelling to Greece

MAMAKITA: The platform for families travelling to Greece

Dear friends and co-travelers,

I am introducing you to the MAMAKITA platform that me and a great team of travel designers have created. Its name is inspired from the most common phrase kids use all over the world: “Mama kita” in Greek means “Mommy look”, that does not -of course- reduce the importance of “Daddy look!”

The platform is designed to provide families travelling to Greece (and willing to travel to the authentic and family-friendliest parts of our country!) with premium family travel consulting services and custom-tailored, family & kids friendly activities and experiences.

As a travel passionate and having travelled with my 3 kids in every single place in Greece, I saw what is not well communicated. Greece is not only about summer, sea and sun. It is not even only about its ancient civilization and its archaeological treasures. It is the ideal place for families seeking genuine adventures, cultural immersion and meaningful human connections. To introduce you to some lesser known Greek authentic and family friendly destinations, we launched 7 travel “stories”: “The journey of the grape” for wine-loving parents and family agri-tourism, “Gastro-magical Greece” for adults (and kids) interested in food tasting & culinary art, “Herculian Adventures” for history & mythology lovers, “In Arcadia with nymphs and fairies” for family hiking and forest adventures, “The little mariner” a sailing or yacht cruise, “Globetrotters in slow motion” for slow travelers, “The journey of an olive wreath”, that combines olive oil tasting and history from Messinia to Ancient Olympia.

MAMAKITA provides its guests with premium travel consulting and custom-tailored services based on firsthand experiences versus product promotion; so one is able to book the best lodging for his/her family that meets the criteria mentioned here, to rent a car or hire even a driver, rent baby and kids’ travel gear, and gradually book his preferred hands-on family & kids friendly activities and experiences that MAMAKITA conducts in 9 Greek destinations in MessiniaOlympiaArcadiaZagoriDelphiCorinthia & NemeaArgolis & NafplioManiThe Greek islands & Crete(that we keep developing to cover all over Greece).

We lay special emphasis on the way traveling changes our world and on life-long learning through family travel, with our little “Pauso” as an ambassador in our logo; the imaginary childhood backpack of Greek traveler and geographer Pausanias, author of the world’s oldest guidebook “Description of Greece”.

We invite you to share these news with your friends and follow us on the social media but first and foremost, we invite you to explore the authentic and family-friendliest side of Greece!


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Yours sincerely!
Eleni Fotiou